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Vincent McNeil

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Writing a CV for students

Posted by Vincent McNeil on April 15 2017, 12:41pm

Writing a CV for students is much easier and faster than writing a normal CV. You can take advantage of some of the particular aspects of being a student.

Employers hire students to get a better deal. They either want to invest in their young talent base for the long term or they simply want cheap work. You also don't have to prove great work experience because you don't really have any proof.

Here are the steps on how to write a CV for a student:

1: Full name and contact info

On the first page, in the upper left corner, type your full name. Add right below your full physical address and any contact information you may have. Writing your email address and at least 1 phone number is usually enough.

2: Profile section

This section contains a few phrases in which you:

describe yourself briefly and say what you are good at(e.g.: self motivated, team player, javascript ninja)

tell them your career goal and what kind of company you want to work for

The whole section should be contained in 1 single paragraph. 3 to 4 phrases are enough.

3: Work experience

Filling up this section can represent a huge bonus for you. They would prefer if you worked in the past. Any paid or unpaid job you did in the past comes here. Describe what you learned from the experience, how long you have you worked there and what you actually did.

4: Education

It's preferable if your education is relevant to their position. List all the schools you attended. For each school period:

mention the starting and the end dates

list the most important courses you've completed

write your marks. Don't tell them your marks if they are bad and if they don't ask for them.

5: Awards

Awards can be truly important because they set you apart in a good way from all the other students. Having won different competitions means that you were better than most other students in that particular instance.

6: Language skills

Your language skills are your strength. This is especially true if you are competing with older people.

List all the language you can speak, write or read. Also mention your levels of expertise which can be: beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you have language certifications, mention them in this section as well.

7: Computer skills

For most jobs, the recruiter wants to know that you know how to operate a computer, work on your documents and do other basic tasks. If you apply for a job as a programmer or designer, they will take a closer look to your more advanced computer skills.

8: Hobbies

Having a life outside work is essential. Employers start realizing that this is the case. List your most important hobbies and what you want to do in your spare time.

9: Referees

Your teachers or other respected people can recommend you to your future employer. List 2 to 3 of such people. Write their name, position, occupation and their contact information. Before doing this, tell them that they may be contacted by your future employer.

As you already found out, writing a CV for students is an easy job. Follow the instructions and get it done fast.

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